Snowmass Discovery

The concept drawings above are by Harry Teague, renowned architect of the new Aspen Music School campus, the Benedict Music Tent, and Harris Hall. 

The economic feasibility of the facility has already been positively assessed by a team of museum consultants with stellar international experience, organized by Amaze Design of Boston.  A more recent philanthropic feasibility assessment by the nationally respected Kellogg Organization has determined that funding the vision is within our reach. This requires philanthropy from the community, the region, and the State.  With the confidence of a positive assessment, we can accomplish this legacy project that draws inspiration from the past to actively participate in a hopeful future.

You are encouraged to contact us regarding effective avenues of participation to ensure success. Our current work is focused on shepherding this process forward.

The Opportunity to Create a Legacy

While the fossils uncovered during the Snowmastodon excavation receive  international attention among scientists, the non-profit Snowmass Discovery is pursuing the development of an educational facility in Snowmass Village, Colorado.  In concept, this museum will display fossils from the site in a state of the art, highly interactive facility with outdoor satellite sites for year round exploration on the mountain above the town.  

The facility will be a community resource, revisited continually because of a lively program schedule and compelling exhibits. The context for learning about topics such as geology, the Ice Age and climate change will be completely unique to Snowmass.  Colorado‚Äôs legacy fossil discovery provides a window into our planet's past, present, and future.